Thursday, August 18, 2005

Beachy Keen Day 1

Sunday, August 14th...

14 August: What is there to do at the beach but play in the sand and get soaked by the water? Number 1 on the list of things we miss from Manila is the gentle beaches where no one had to worry about being sucked out into the ocean. the waves here are strong and the sand dips quickly so there's only about 15 feet of playroom and that's only with an adult right near by. It doesn't help that Tropical Storm Irene is off the coast somewhere, increasing the riptides and wave height. No, they aren't Hawaii surfboard waves, but it's not snorkeling water either.
The house is perfect for us. It's open and airy, with more than enough beds. It can actually sleep 17, so we have two bedrooms closed off. There's a "secret" shower outside so no one traipses in a large quantity of sand and we are oceanfront. Not that we keep the doors open at night, the water is way too loud.
Today is Sunday, so we played at the beach, cleaned up, went to church, had lunch, after which Jonathon and I took a nap while the others watched the Batman and Robin movie (with Adam West) followed by a couple more hours at the beach in the late afternoon. We grilled hamburgers for dinner then sent everyone to bed.
Nicholas isn't feeling well. Since we arrived he's been out of sorts, and last night he was up with a fever. Today he's playing fine, but during dinner he had a hard time warming up from the cold water. Even being buried in the sand several times didn't get rid of the chill. He's coughing a lot at night and generally just feels bad. We've put them through a tough couple weeks, so it's not too surprising that we're dealing with headaches and sickness now.

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