Friday, August 12, 2005

Hello Ms Police Officer

I can't believe I forgot to write about this yesterday.

And no, we didn't get a speeding ticket.
Yesterday Nicholas got in trouble for not listening (again) and play fighting with his brother (again), so we had everyone watching TV in one room, banishing him to the other by himself. Ah, the joys of suites.
The phone rang an odd beeping, which Ian answered, and the line was empty. He hung up. I had an idea to check on Nicholas and guess who was playing on the phone. Reminded harshly (again) that phones are not toys, I left him in the room again.
*knock knock*
Find two out-of-breathe employees asking if there's an emergency. Someone from our room had called 911.
Feel the anger boil... I trotted Nicholas out to the door and had him apologize directly after we explained what happened. They were relieved it was nothing, but not pleased overall. Nicholas went back to solitary. He cried hysterically before daddy calmed him down.
Ten minutes later another knock revealed a police officer standing at our door. She was understanding, kind and patient. Nicholas apologized directly and promised he'd never call 911 again unless it was a real emergency and someone was hurt. The officer gave cards to each of the kids with a picture of the potbelly mascot, and we chatted a bit about travel before she left. I told Ian she was too nice and should have pulled out her handcuffs or taken him down to her car. Yes, it was out of Nicholas's earshot.
Ian asked Nicholas why he called 911. He said it was because he wanted to see what would happen. He knew it called the police, but I guess it wasn't enough to know it.
It didn't help any that we had just been talking about how in Manila, 911 calls Pizza Hut.

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