Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mmmm, ice chips

I finally got it done. My two upper wisdom teeth were removed today. In, no kidding, 20 seconds I was free of what has hopefully been causing mild by regular headaches the past few years. I opted for local anaesthetic (the referral was for general... why? Because I said I wasn't keen on losing my teeth?) and declined filling the prescription for Vicodin. A couple Motrin before the procedure and a couple more in the late afternoon and I'm pretty good to go. In fact, the left side doesn't hurt at all. The right side is swollen and achey, probably as a result of a rougher pull which broke the tooth, requiring fragment removal.

I may be sore, but hey... the assistant thought she called the wrong person. I look closer to 17 or 18, not 31 according to her.


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