Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Ian does his thing

9 August: The time zone thing is wacky in Indiana. In order to assure we'd arrive in Cincy by 11 Ohio EDT, we had to get up in Indiana at 6:30 Indiana EST, which is the same currently as Chicago CDT. It's why we arrived at Vivian's house early and didn't even know it. I had changed my watch to EDT and forgotten to switch back, so as I woke repeatedly to check the time and finally go myself dressed... I was up at 5:30 confused why it was still dark out. I caught the error before waking the kids but too late for me to go back to sleep. The kids still were grumbly at 6:30.

All that to say, we got up early and didn't like it one bit.

But we drove out of Indianapolist right on time and arrived in Cincinnati without incident and with enough time to see Ian's childhood home. Someone else is living there, of course, and happened to be outside, so no photos for us. Along the roads we saw where Ian did pizza delivery, which stores had changed and which hadn't, and other snippets.
But there wasn't that much time, so he dropped us off at Burnet Woods park right next to the University of Cincinnati campus and took off to give a lecture to a college class. The kids and I played at a playground, walked around the park and snacked our way through the next 3 hours. Lunch was quick, easy and good at Skyline Chili.
Traffic caught us getting out of Cincy. And caught us again in the middle of Lexington. A 2 hour drive turned into 4 and we were more than ready to order room service. The hotel doesn't have room service. We hit the mall searching for a restaurant better than food court offerings. There were none. But Katherine did score a couple new jeans that actually fit. She's grown again.
We ordered Chinese which took an hour to arrive, and watched Episode 3 on Pay-per-view. It ended up being a much longer day than we'd anticipated but generally a good one.
Regret for the day: Rather than spending 3 hours at a park, we should have gone 2 blocks up and spent 3 hours at the Cincinnati Zoo. Why didn't we? I don't know.

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