Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beachy Keen Day 4

18 August 2005: Happy Birthday Jonathon!

At nearly 10 a.m., Jonathon was the only kid awake, so he went to the beach for one-on-one birthday time with dad.
He loves to spend hours in the sand, digging holes and creating pools to fill with bucket after bucket of ocean water. Over the course of the week, he must have carried 100 bucketfuls of water to various sand pits.
Seagulls and sandpipers successfully evaded him.
He's the only one of the kids who wears his hat the entire time at the beach.
After the morning spent seaside, we deposited the younger kids with grandpa and movies for the hot part of the day, while Ian, my mom, Katherine and I went out to pick up a birthday cake and some last minute gifts. We found an awesome cake with fighter planes on it; fitting for being so near Oceana and watching the F-18s fly over the water. The planes are diecast, so very playable long after the cake is done.
After dinner we shared cake and chocolate pudding, and Jonathon showed everyone his presents.
Now, he's 4. He's ready to take on learning to swim and tying his shoes.

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