Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beachy Keen Days 2 & 3

The beach, continued.

16 August: Today is the kids' first day of school in Togo and we're at the beach in Virginia. What's wrong with this picture? Mandated vacation, that's what's "wrong."
The whole family hit the surf and tried out the new boards. Our eyes sting and we have more sand in our suits than any human should. And I've discovered that two piece swimsuits don't belong -in- the water.
17 August: No beach today. It stormed last night and this morning was overcast and drippy. A red flag day. The kids spent the morning watching cartoons while mom and I made cream puffs. Nothing like the ones at the State Fair, but yummy nonetheless. We cleared out leftovers for lunch then had everyone play a rousing game of Cranium. it's labeled teen and up, but with 4 players to a team, the kids acted out Cameo cards and did some Sculptorades and Cloodles. I think even grandpa had fun. My favorite act was my dad and Jonathon acting out a snake charmer. Guess who was the snake. My favorite act was trying to be a lava lamp. After the first few minutes of trying to be a blob of goo rising up, popping and sinking down, I should have resorted to regular charades... 2 words, 1st word... *act like lava* Think Ian would have gotten it then? Me neither.
The sun came out and we were ready to drive to the VA Beach strip. It's beacoming familiar haunting grounds for us over the years with the haunted houses, shops and olde tyme photo shops. We did go through a 3D funhouse which really was pretty neat, and I found new clip-on sunglasses for both Katherine and me. The ones I've had for a few years are all scratched up.
We had dinner oceanside at Simply Italian (skip it, it's not good, the best part was the pizza crust) then had a fun 18-hole pirate minigolf game. As usual, Nicholas won. The kid has a knack for minigolf. Jonathon does not. Not sure if it's his handedness, but he can't get a good whack in. He had a similar problem with skeeball at Flipper McCoys. While the other kids were playing a little of everything, Jonathon was taking 6 shots with a ball and not getting it over the rim.
After Nicholas's not-surprising win, we strolled the streets listening to the performers. They're out every night during the summer, paid for by the city. We stopped to listen to The Stick People, a la STOMP.
We gorged on Dairy Queen blizzards before finding a great spot for fireworks. By that time it was after 10 and the kids were collapsing. Oh, OK, so were the adults.

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