Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Name of the Rose

I watched "The Name of the Rose" years ago. I didn't get it and I recall telling someone it was a decent mystery but the substory with the girl was distracting. He told me that the girl was the story. Talk about feeling kinda stupid after that.

I haven't read the book as I've heard it's quite something to plow through, but I figured I'd give the movie another shot. The same thing happened. The mystery was OK, though not so much a mystery anymore since my first viewing. But I didn't understand the role of the girl.

So I read up a bit and Wikipedia cleared up quite a bit. It is a mystery, and the girl is a sidestory. She isn't "the rose," or maybe she is but the author didn't say she had to be. In fact, the title of the book just kind of came to him and doesn't refer to anything in particular.

Simplistic as it may be, I feel better. Sure, there's loads of references and hidden meanings throughout, but as far as the title goes and the role of the girl... the simple explanation seems the most correct. The story isn't as deep, nor am I as dumb, as I feared.

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