Thursday, October 11, 2007

Six things that make my life easier.

We buy so much crap we don't need. Things that take up space and get shuffled around to make room for even more stuff we don't need.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I buy, make or get something that proves its usefulness over and over and it makes me happy.

Here's my list.

A pill splitter/crusher. I bought it from CVS before we went to Togo, for splitting our malaria meds. It's also great for splitting an adult tylenol when we run out of junior strength, for splitting and crushing the cats' deworming meds, and for crushing things just for fun.
A timer. Or three. We keep one in the kitchen for cooking of course, one in the boys' room for timeouts, and one on the piano for practice time.
A practically industrial strength pencil sharpener. Four kids means a lot of pencils for homework, and lots of colored pencils for drawing. Those little plastic sharpeners are not only badly made, they hurt for more than a pencil or two. Ours, with it's metal turning handle, just keeps on going.
A business card slip of laminated paper with all our airline and hotel numbers. We both have one in our wallets. Speaks for itself.
The laminator. I ordered a laminator from a library supply store because every year I'd go through the kids' school/art work and wish I could protect the few special papers. I bought a non-electric hand crank unit and I use it all the time. Seriously. Recently I went through the collection of recipes I've printed out or copied down, now they're laminated and in a 3-ring binder. No more oil spots. Our dinner table setting schedule, laminated. Pictures for the kids projects, laminated.
It's all good.
Oh wait... I said six right? Ian wanted to be included on the list. So yeah, life is easier with him too.

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