Sunday, October 14, 2007

Um, oops.

Update: Meet my new phone, the Nokia 6085. No, it's not the most recent, but it works and it flips. And now that Ian got it off the All Hindi All The Time language selection (do you know how hard it is to get a phone off Hindi when you don't read Hindi and all the instructions are in English... with no Hindi translations?), I can actually start using it.

I guess I have to apologize to my neighbor for laughing when he ruined his cell phone by jumping in the pool with it tucked safely in his pocket. Granted, his was about a week old when he did it and a Motorola Razr.

I got my latest phone when we lived in Manila. The original gave a blue screen of death or something, and just quit working. Perfectly justifiable even if it was only a couple years old. This time, well, totally my fault. The pants had a stain I needed to hand scrub so I tossed it in the sink full of water and Woolite. Without emptying the pockets. My LCD screen is bubbly. Inside.

You know, I was really hoping to responsibly graduate to a better phone and pass this one on to Katherine for emergency use.

And guess what, I learned that the phone saved all my numbers, not the SIM card. If I should have your number, I don't any longer. Please e-mail it to me. That means you too, parents.

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