Sunday, October 7, 2007

Woof Woof

This is Nicholas's dog. I wish I could say it was Woof Woof (or as Nicholas spells it, Woff Woff, perhaps it's a German dog), but this lovely fuzzy thing is not. It was meant to be the replacement.


No. This is Woof Woof.


He looks sad, doesn't he? Physically and emotionally, he's a tired dog.

He's had a hard life, requiring several surgeries. One time, his innards nearly poured out the back of his heck.


But Nicholas has a particular favorite section of Woof Woof, to rub and rub and rub. It's what we call his black paw.


Black paw has had numerous reconstructive surgeries. Unfortunately over the years, all his filling has fallen out. And now, Nicholas has rubbed a significant hole through the outer layer.


There was only one thing to be done.


A pawectomy. And doesn't he look so much happier?


Next stop, a bath. Perhaps in a vat of lysol.

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