Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Report cards are in.

The kids did fine for first quarter. I can't gauge whether they did average because they did average or that everyone did average because it was 1st Quarter. It doesn't really matter, honestly. The comments were what we expected and we have parent-teacher conferences on Friday to hear the real story. I'm actually a little happy that they're having to work for their grades, and not just work but figure out their weaknesses and address them.

With Katherine starting middle school, organization is kicking her butt. We knew it would. Her grades all dropped, not for lack of knowledge but for lack of organization. Can't get a full grade when you turn in an assignment days late.

Rebecca received exemplary Effort marks, but still had a string of Bs on her card. She was disappointed and has begun asking for extra credit work. She even spoke with the P.E. teacher to figure out what he was looking for. He said he doesn't give out As except to those who truly excel in all the physical challenges and since I don't see that happening for her we told her not to sweat it (heh, a pun). I'd much rather she made a stronger effort in Science than P.E.

Nicholas and Jonathon aren't getting grades yet, just those odd developmental marks (D=Developing, etc). He's right on target for his grade. Jonathon got a D in Computers. Uh, we told him not to worry about that. I think I'd be more surprised by a 1st grader who received an E (for exceptional, of course) in Computers.

I might put up the kids actual grades, but for now, you get the idea. Everyone can improve.

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