Thursday, October 11, 2007

Whether you believe in it or not...

Read through the 50 things you can do to help the Earth.

The easiest that even FSOs can do: Use those CFLs, don't leave your appliances on standby, cover your pots when cooking, fill up the washer before using it, use the clothesline (unless you're in a country with burrowing fly maggots of course), recycle (yes, even overseas, especially in developing nations... we put aside all our soda and soup cans/cereal boxes/milk cartons in bags, apart from the regular garbage), recycle organic waste (if you have a yard, you can do it, we put a separate can in the kitchen to collect all the peels and egg shells, which then go into the compost), buy stuff with less packaging (a 1L water bottle takes less energy and creates less waste than 2 0.5L bottles), use reusable bags for shopping (like mine from, buy locally grown/fresh/organic (now that is easy to do overseas! Practically all our fruits and vegs are within the 100mile diet from small farmers), carpool.

See what you can do.

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