Monday, August 20, 2012

As we wind down summer 2012...

The kids start school next week.  It's been a long, busy summer.  Almost like two summers in one.  Three weeks in the States and the last 5 weeks in Jordan split the summer into two distinct parts, both fun in their own ways.

So what does an FS family do when summer draws to a close?

Plan next summer.

Our R&R point is London.  The kids have never been to London.  Aside from the airports in Frankfurt in Vienna, and 3 days in Brussels when we did our round-the-world, the kids have never been to Europe.  Next summer we remedy that by a tiny sliver.  UK, here we come.

So, what is "can't miss" in the UK?

London, of course.  We have a string of shows we want to see, so we'll most likely spend a week in the city.  Enjoy the green.  Absorb the moisture in the air.  Walk and walk and walk.  Tower of London. Piccadilly Circus. The regular touristy stuff.

I'd like to train down to visit Penzance.

I'd like to train up to Edinburgh and get in to see the castle.

I'd like to take them to Cardiff Castle, which also means going to see The Dr. Who Experience.  Oh yes.

But never been to Ireland either.  Want to go to  Cork, so UK and Ireland.

What else?  Recommendations of things not to miss?

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