Thursday, August 23, 2012

In Which Ian Geeks Out

From: Wil Wheaton dot Tumblr

Thought you might like a little exchange my wife and I had with our sons, 12 and newly 11. She is reading “Ready Player One” to them — they still like to be read to at night — and there was a reference to you in there, as I’m sure you know. They didn’t know who you were, and we expressed some exasperation when they didn’t know. My son Jonathon said, “I don’t know about those ‘Olde Nerds,” pronouncing it as “Old-ee.” When we tried to explain via a reference to TNG, they immediately turned up their collective noses. “I only like the (new) movie “Star Trek,” Nicholas said, “the TV shows were, just, bleah. Old.”

So there you have it, Old-ee Nerd. Now keep in mind these kids are not entirely uneducated in the ways of geek. Their favorite video games are Oblivion, Skyrim, Diablo III, Minecraft and Portal. Jonathon, who celebrated his 11th birthday last weekend, had almost all Minecraft and Portal-related gifts (including a ThinkGeek talking Portal turret.) But you, sir, are simply too “old.”
Email from WWdN reader Ian H, who identifies as “also old”.

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