Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back in time, to the Museum of Crime and Punishment

After our day at Arlington National Cemetery, and Ian passed his exam (woohoo!), we had some time to do activities as a family.  A while back we'd bought discount tickets to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment so off we went.  Malaria came too.

There were a lot of interactive activities that kept the kids interested and occupied. Crimes began back in the middle ages and the various torture devices used to get "the truth."  I learned quite a bit about Bonnie and Clyde and various Wild West sorts.  Al Capone, a whole slew of mobsters.  And modern day hoodlums and traitors. There was a lot of looking at pictures and reading as well, but a safe needed opening, plenty of quizzes needed answering, and then of course, the line-up.  The kids faced one-way glass and listened to the instructions to step forward, repeat words.  They were both guilty from where I was standing.

And then of all things, they escape from jail!

Rotten criminals.

Across the way from the Crime and Punishment Museum is the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum (same building, right across from Gallery Place Metro) .  It was Ian's chance to see the Art of the Video Game exhibit, just like Rebecca did earlier.

To finish out our day, we ordered Chinese into the hotel.  This was our king suite sitting room.  It rocked.

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