Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HHE delivery + furniture pick-up + First Day of School = Busy and Tired

What can I say about yesterday other than it started early, ran late, and involved a lot of dust.  The house is still filled with piles of items here and there.  Tennis rackets in the den, cat houses in the music room (yes, we have a music room!), school supplies in the living room... you get the idea.

I did not take photos of the boxes.  It's too depressing to realize how much stuff we have.  Stuff is a nice term for what I really want to stay.  Why do we have so much stuff that we now have to find homes for, and keep clean, and maybe even use?  Why?

Because it's what makes a house feel like a home.

Our carpets will go on the floor.  Our art will go on the walls.  Our trinkets and reminders of trips past will make their way into the curios.  The closets are no longer empty.  The Starbucks mugs make us smile.  Ian is reveling in his new recliner.

So no, we don't need all this stuff, but stuff makes our American senses happy and therefore we keep it.

7th grade
At the same time our HHE arrived, GSO showed up to removed several bed sets, several dresser sets (4 of the 5 bedrooms already have wall units), and mirrors.

Of course the kids missed all this because they were at school.

6th grade
The kids made do with what we had before our HHE arrived. I figured our shipment would be here in plenty of time before school started.  I was wrong.  No backpacks. No lunch boxes.  No notebooks.  I'd picked up some mechanical pencils and some Arabic notebooks, thinking the rest of our stuff would be here in plenty of time.  As it was, they were fine for Day 1, and now that we have our supply box they're set.  Except for spiral notebooks... how is it we have not a single spiral bound notebook?  Binders, folders, dividers, pencils, pens, erasers, scissors, sticky notes, composition notebooks, it's all in there.  But no spiral notebooks.  And now that I think about it, no loose leaf paper either.  Yeah, I planned well.  There's a school supply store here for items the kids need immediately, but it comes at a cost.  I'm sure you consider an $8 5-subject notebook as highway robbery.  I know I did.  Here, the same 5-subject notebook costs 10JD, or roughly $12.50.  I'll pay it, but I don't have to like it, right?  But here's a silver lining, a trip to the supply store can also mean a trip to the awesome bakery down the street, and the savings there makes up for the cost of supplies.  Kind of.

11th grade
9th grade
We unpacked all day.  The delivery guys opened every box and most of the contents ended up tables, couches, floors, bookshelves.  But the house is relatively box free and that is awesome. The kids got home and jumped right in working on their rooms.  It was important to find the box with school supplies, and the backpacks and lunch boxes.  Supplies, done.  Backpacks?  Not packed anywhere expected, but when we'd given up by 10 p.m. I saw a box that we'd walked past dozens of times.  Voila, backpacks.  And clothes, which were hiding the backpacks. The kids have space to carry their laptops (required for all 4 of them... I'm not sure how that's going to work, to be honest), P.E. uniforms, and all the other necessities.  It's all good.


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