Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting antsy

Supposedly our HHE (HouseHold Effects... all the stuff we've successfully lives without since June 15th by living in hotels, my parents' house, and our home here with a welcome kit, AKA junk that's unnecessary but makes a house feel like a home) is in country.

In-country is a lovely term.  Jordan isn't big so it's here somewhere, nearby.  All our thousands of pounds of stuff we don't need but still, for some reason, desperately want.  Paintings, toys, clothes, kitchen goods, movies, even some furniture.  Rugs.  Rugs will be nice.  We don't have any big rugs which would go nicely in this big house, and people keep saying Jordan is not the place to get rugs, so not sure what we'll do about that.  Of course, these are folks who've served in Pakistan... Egypt... Turkey.  I'm sure they know what they're talking about, but still. Amman has no nice and decently priced carpets?

Actually, all that other stuff would be fine to have, but what I really want...

School supplies: Backpacks, notebooks, paper, folders, pencils, lunch boxes...  It's all in there.  And from what we know, our HHE should arrive sometime... after the kids start school.  It's been nearly 10 weeks since we packed out and I really, truly thought that everything would be here by now.  I didn't take into account Ramadan or Eid-al Fitr.  And of course looking back, I simply should have shoved at least their backpacks and lunchboxes in a box and mailed it to ourselves.  There are stores here that sell school supplies.  Istiklal Library in Sweifieh.  Carrefour in City Mall.  Some items tend to be of dubious quality at high prices.  Actually, just about all of it is priced high and I can't bring myself to buy them when I know that in a few days, maybe a week, we'll have our own stuff again.  I'm hoping the first week of school the teachers will be lenient about "stuff."  They should be.  Right?

Sunday is registration day.  Monday is orientation day.  Tuesday is the first day of school for the new 6th grader, 7th grader, 9th grader (?) and 11th grader.  Wish them (and me) luck.

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