Monday, August 20, 2012

Guess who's 11?

On the 18th Jonathon turned 11, finally.  He's been waiting a long time to turn 11.  A whole year.  We celebrated at camp on the 16th, and brought in 60 cupcakes from Sugar Daddy's to share with campers and counselors and the Front Office, Ian's temporary digs.

On the 18th we took him to lunch at the Embassy snack bar and swimming.  Ginger the cat didn't like a visiting dog and treed himself.  That's what's caught Ian's interest.

There's the cat.  Up in a tree.  Silly cat.

Back at home, we had cake and opened presents all while Skyping with grandma and grandpa in Virginia.  Jonathon got lots of new clothes, a sheet set to match his room, a new Monopoly card game I might actually play, a clock from his biggest sister, an iPod from his brother and Minecraft legos.  Jonathon's room will be decked out in Portal deco, so we also got him a plush turret to guard his door, and Rebecca's gift hasn't arrived yet... shhh.

The next day we went took our first family movie trip to City Mall.  Hoodlums everywhere.  And when I say hoodlums, I mean that outside the doors (and being kept out by the security) were packs of boys, ranging in age from about 11-18, dressed like the Sharks and Jets, hustling people.  We had another discussion on why the girls do not go anywhere on their own.  Anywhere.  Why we keep bags close, wallets and phones in front pockets, and how to keep your distance from shady characters.  How sometimes it's best to make eye contact ("Yeah, I know what you're up to") and sometimes it's best to simply move swiftly and surely.  And how it's a good idea when you can park in a 1JD lot, to park in a 1JD lot.  It affords your car a little it of protection, and gives you personal space to get into your car uninhibited.

We saw "The Amazing Spiderman."  Another remake.  It was good though, better than I expected.  And there were 2 other people in the theater.  Just like in India, purchasing tickets involves choosing your seats.  Unlike India, purchasing tickets is just as expensive as the U.S.  It's too bad, actually, because the theaters are nice and it'd be fun to go more often, but not for 8-9JD a person (7JD=$10).

Here's another tip.  People don't like when you clean up after yourself.  There aren't even garbage bins at the exits.  We clean up anyway.

Since Sunday was the first day of Eid al-Fitr, Ramadan fasting is officially over.  The mall restaurants were all open and we treated ourselves to Pinkberry (warning: the Pinkberry site has music.. loud music) and ate it right there.  If you like tangy frozen yogurt loaded with fresh fruit, check out Pinkberry.

At home again, we finally had the tortellini with alfredo sauce that is one of Jonathon's favorite meals, and we ate it while watching "Bourne Identity" all together.  I can't recall the last time we had a movie night at home with everyone.  Why "Bourne Identity"?  At City Mall we saw the trailer for the new Bourne movie and I figured it's time I saw the first three.  Until now, I've only ever watched the first one up to the Embassy scene.  That part is so ridiculous I never made it past.

I think Jonathon had a good birthday celebration.  Next year he'd like to have a party.  I think we can manage that.

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