Sunday, August 26, 2012

School starts Tuesday.

Today being Sunday, and therefore the first day of the week in Amman, was registration day at the school.  I had everyone's folders pulled together, they had their own folders.  They wanted originals but seemed surprised when I said there were originals in my folders and I wanted them back.  The counselor wanted transcripts.  Oops, I brought report cards.  Don't think I ever got a transcript from Gar-Field for Katherine.  The other kids I have transcripts but had left them at home.  I think I'll deal with all that later on, once school has begun and things are calmer.

Same with the Nurse.  I didn't have their full vaccination records filled in, but as she said "You're Embassy?  You're over-vaccinated."  So she's not concerned about having the official stuff on the first day.

Even easier with the Accountant.  "You're U.S. Embassy?  All set."

Signed up 3 of the kids for swim team.

Bought some P.E. uniforms though they don't appear to be required.

Successfully avoided the PTG.

We had a very upset Rebecca after she spoke with the HS principal and he told her she could not skip to 10th grade, her HS credits from last year don't count, and while she's free to take summer classes to advance in her courses, she would not receive credit for them.  For example, she could take Alg2 next summer in order to take pre-calculus her sophomore year, but she would get no HS credit for the Alg2 class.  She is less than impressed with this turn of events.

And she's not at all excited about school starting at all.

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