Thursday, February 5, 2004

Are you sick of us yet? Because I sure am.

2/5/04: A quick health update. Katherine is up to snuff. Rebecca is up to snuff. Nicholas is still periodically feverish and has a funky rash on his arms and his face. What is THAT all about? It's not a Dengue Fever rash. Could have just been the heat today as the temperatures are going up and the humidity is rising. We spent a lot of time outdoors as well, both at the school playground and our own. Now, Jonathon is sick. He didn't eat much yesterday and had some toast this morning, french fries at lunch time and bread at dinner. He's been saying his tummy hurts all day. Maybe it's the carbohydrate overload? At bedtime he had a fever of 103.2 and yes, he's had diarrhea. Do I spend my morning at the clinic? I don't know if the diarrhea is from being sick or the raisins he ate yesterday. They do weird things to him. I guess time will tell. If he throws up tomorrow I know that I have several more days of sickness to handle. He's the last one. Woohoo! I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it's a 24-hour bug as the party is on Saturday and I really want him to feel well enough to participate. Yup, time will tell. And I've got plenty of time on my hands.

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