Monday, February 23, 2004

The Pill known as Rebecca

We bribed her with a Swan Lake Barbie, and she failed.

I guess the fact that I couldn't find one in the toy stores on Saturday was an omen.
All she had to do was take every one of her pills, the least amount of screaming the better though we didn't ask for that, just for her to take it when we placed it in front of her. She pushed the envelope a few times by "swallowing" while she was drinking some water, except bit and pieces of gelatin and medication would end up at the bottom of the cup. How that can happen I just don't know.
Her last pill was to be Sunday morning, with a follow up doctor's appointment this afternoon to see if she's clear. As we were getting ready to go to church, I asked if she'd taken it since I'd put it next to her breakfast. She readily replied Yes, then ran upstairs to get what she needed for church. I looked at Ian and said that she'd been a little too quick with the answer and I wondered if it ended up in the trash.
See, the past week I would sit and stare at her until she took it. I don't trust her one iota because she will lie straight-faced about things she doesn't want to do. Sunday morning, I didn't do it. Perhaps in the back of my mind I didn't think she'd do anything quite as stupid as throwing a pill away.
Katherine ever observant for chances to make her sister look bad, ran to the kitchen trash and lo and behold, there lieth the pill that Rebecca had readily stated she'd ingested.
I was livid in a calm cool way because this was so out of the realm of believable I didn't know what to say. Turning to Ian, I asked "What do we do now?" He thought for a while. "No Barbie."
Oh you should have seen the waterworks and the loud proclamations about taking her pill now (after it had been in the trash!) and on and on. Sorry kid, there's no going back from that one. You wasted your medication, threatening your own health. And you lied about it, straight-faced to both of your parents. Your made your choices, and they were the wrong ones.

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