Friday, February 20, 2004

Stopped in National Bookstore today.

I needed an additional 4X6 photo album since I'm rescuing all my photos from the sticky pages they are in now. I figure they'll be more portable and easier access this way, and more of a chance we'll look through them if they aren't in big boxes in the closet. I'm also looking for scrapbooking supplies for the kid photos. They don't exist in this country as far as I can tell, so I'm looking on-line for nice books and -basic- supplies. I'm going for preservation here, not masterpiece layouts. Katherine's First Two Years book is done, but honestly, I don't like the book the pages are in and it's spiral bound. I feel bad that it's so cheap. Rebecca's book has been started, as has Nicholas's. Jonathon's I never started so I know I can do his right with proper supplies. Isn't that always the way... the youngest gets the benefits of the experience from the others.

Anyhow, it's always a bad idea to go into bookstores. They have discount shelves. Of kid books. OK, we're stocked up on Arthur books now. But my goal had been to get a guide for Hong Kong. It took asking a couple employees to find the shelves, but wouldn't you know that practically the entire section was on Disney and bed&breakfasts in the U.S. Big surprise there. Not. But not a single book on Hong Kong. Granted National is not known for organization or supply, so I think we'll have to get to Fully Booked at Poweplant (our favorite bookstore) to pick up something useful.

What I would give for a library. I good, English, public access library. I miss our library back home very much. Amazon loves us. Fully Booked loves us. Our bookshelves and weight limits do not love us.

One more note. Remember my frantic search for something for the ECLC kids attending our Harry Potter party? We'd bought sticker books without realizing they were books and the stickers were sold separately in packs. Useless for us, and tossed out. Today on the discount shelves were stacks and stacks of 30c Harry Potter books. Some were for coloring, and included colors. Some were reuable sticker books with 4 pages of large stickers. But no matter the style, there were plenty for Rebecca's class and more. All this 2 weeks after the party. I bought some for my kids.

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