Tuesday, February 17, 2004

You've been waiting with bated breathe, haven't you?

Rebecca is on the mend. She's still taking her meds 3 times a day, but jell-o jigglers have come to the rescue. For a child who could swallow items larger than specks of sand, this would be absolutely perfect as the gelatin completely encases those nasty pills. Seeing as she still can't swallow them, it still aides in making them slippery. She chews but it seems to go down a bit quicker. Oh, every pill is still a battle with me counting to 3 and threatening a spanking. Yes, seriously. I understand that she's 6 and beyond spanking. I also know that she's able to comprehend the need to take medicine whether it's icky or not and whether you feel better or not. But since every single pill is a chance for her to screw her mouth shut and stamp her feet and cry, well, I do what I can to get it over with and if a threat works then so be it. It's been a very long 3 weeks.

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