Monday, February 23, 2004

Overview of the past week.

It's been a busier than average week, and had nothing to do with going to the doctor!

Tuesday: Ian went to an evening get-together to celebrate a successful American/Philippine collaberation. Wish I could say more, but not sure how much I'm allowed to repeat. Anyhow, he was out.
Wednesday: I went out in the evening to an AmeriKids board meeting. I'm not on the board, nor do I have kids at AmeriKids, but I'm planning on putting the boys in starting in April and perhaps will have a board spot next year (depends on how long we'll be here. Don't want a job for half the year and leave people hanging). Either way, I've taken over the AmeriKids website and really need to find the time to sit down and study it.
Thursday: I went out in the evening to dinner at Sala's in Malate (an excellent restaurant huddled between loud bars and other restaurants, it took 3 tries down the street to actually find it) with 6 other women as a going-away/baby shower for a friend. Three hours of great food and plenty to talk about. Best thing, I didn't feel like a complete outsider.
Saturday: Ian went flying so I took the kids to Glorietta for a musical stage performance of "Beauty and the Beast". We had lunch out at KFC. We're going to miss our balls of rice when we leave the Philippines. In the evening went to the Maclaren residence in Essensa for a party celebrating the success (and completion) of the Entry Level convention held in Manila last month. The party started at 7 p.m. and by 8 p.m. Katherine was saying she was tired and ready to go home. I think that had more to do with having fed the kids at home already, but she still ate a hotdog and cake. We had to wait for Ian to come back down from the rooftop where he was taking an informal tour of the helipad. Bonus: I didn't feel completely lost and clueless.
Sunday: Another birthday party (3rd in 3 weeks and another scheduled next weekend), done in grand Filipino style at a Homes Beautiful house (OK, not really but I was afraid to touch their art gallery walls or anything in their home theater... and I mean a REAL theater, forget the spiraling staircase, full-sized outdoor fountain and half-sized indoor statues). We had reason to leave because that evening Ian was to go to the Charge'/DCM's house for yet another function.
Side note: I need to be careful what I write here. I've always known that "you can't know who's reading this stuff" but that's usually applied to nutcases around the world who might want to fly here and take off with kids because they've seen their photo. In fact the true danger is hearing from someone at the Clinic "Hey, I was looking at your site the other day..."
It's then that I have to think back to make sure I didn't say anything bad about the doctors!

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