Friday, February 20, 2004

This is Manila.

So I wanted to order Thai food from a good restaurant just a couple miles away. No biggie, right? Wrong. This is Manila.

"I'm sorry sir, we can't deliver so far."
"Why not? You've delivered to me before. I'm just in Dasmarinas Village, right across EDSA from you."
"Sorry sir. The boy with the motorbike is on leave. Our boy would have to take jeepney and then walk."
"It's really not so far."
"Sorry sir."
"Big tip?"
"It's too far for our boy, sir."
"When is the boy with the motorbike coming back?"
"I think Sunday sir."
(Resigned) "OK. OK. Salamat."
"Bye sir. Thank you for calling Dusit Thani."

We had to call California Pizza Kitchen instead. They have California Pizza Kitchen in Ouagadougou, right? Right?

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