Friday, February 6, 2004

OK, I call a do-over

It's been one of those days. I didn't get enough sleep last night and that just started the ball rolling.

Nicholas has a rash on both of his arms.
Let's recap. Last week he started with the high fever. Then over the weekend he added a headache that wouldn't quit. He had a tummy ache and no appetite, but also no diarrhea or vomitting. Monday morning he went to the doc for a check on amoebiasis and came back negative. The doctor said he had a virus, we'd have to wait it out. The fever keeps coming back, it's unpredictable, but it ebbs and flows. We get home from the doctor, he throws up all over the kitchen. For the next few days, he has trouble walking because his knees hurt too much and the vomitting continues, one time with specks of blood. He had no energy and spent most of his time resting on the couch or sitting on the bench at the park. Wednesday, a spark of life and he begins to play again and eat a bit, but tires easily. Thursday, a rash appears on his arm and today, Friday, the rash is fading from one arm and appearing on the other.
Now, look up the process of Dengue Fever and I am seeing things in 20/20 that were difficult to connect day to day.

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