Monday, February 2, 2004

Sickness Update

2/2/04 Rebecca’s Update, and now Katherine and Nicholas

Rebecca is taking her medication, but I've had to smash them and mix them with bananas. Three times a day is tough to get her to choke down. She is so dramatic when it comes to taking them and her gag reflux is on overdrive, so swallowing is out. Chewing works, but she insists on chewing every tiny piece instead of the minimum before swallowing which leads to extended grimaces and hacking. I only hope the school clinic has better luck, since she has 3 to take each day and one of those falls smack in the middle of the school day. She did miss her pajama party at school on Friday being moderately contagious, but everyone was feeling OK to go to the Family Fun Day at school on Saturday for about 1 ½ hours. It was enough for Jonathon to get a bit pink on his neck and shoulders.
Katherine is day 5 of her fever at home. It seems that she had a headache at school for a couple days before her temperature rocketed up to 103.5 on Thursday afternoon. This is the same girl who took the activity bus home because she didn’t want to miss gymnastics that day. Her eyes hurt quite a bit last week at school as well as at home, but it seems to have been an extension of the headache/fever she was carrying around. She had some abdominal cramping over the weekend, but I can only imagine that's from not having much of anything to eat since lunch at school on Thursday. Both she and Nicholas were at the doctor today. Nicholas woke up and said his stomach hurt and he’s been dozy all morning. It seemed to be going well as they both were negative for the amoeba culture, but Katherine thew up in the parking lot right before the visit and Nicholas threw up in th kitchen at home right after the visit.
It’s a “sleeping bag on the floor in front of the TV” kind of day.

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