Monday, October 9, 2006

Moving Along

The Ispahani Center is a nice little mall with high-end shops and a Marry Brown (aka practically McDonald's). We stopped by there on Saturday before going to our standard, Spencer's Plaza. What we've discovered is the malls here have shops but little service. By that I mean you can buy plenty of stuff, but if you need a haircut? Tailoring? Hardware help?

We did purchase a few things, always doing our part for the economy. After finding a new computer mouse, we picked up some Diwali gifts for our househelp. The kids were great, so we treated ourselves to ice cream at Amun. Brave Katherine chose the "butterscotch" topping. It looked more like instant Jell-o lemon pudding, but she said it was OK.
Sunday we had lunch at Cappucino at the Park Sheraton before the girls went off to a birthday party with the neighbors. A dance party even.
Columbus Day was a holiday for Ian, but not for the kids. We sent them off to school then successfully bought wall paint for the house. Now we argue about hiring someone to do the work for us. Lunch was at the Mediterranean restaurant not 5 minutes away, Cedars. $20 got us as much hummus, garlic cream, pita, shwarma, soup, fish, chicken, dessert and coffee we could handle. It was so good but late in the afternoon. The kids were snacking from the moment they came home. Dinner was ice cream for everyone before a quick game of Settlers of Catan and Amazing Race. If we're not careful, we'll have our parenting licenses revoked.

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