Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ode to Jonathon

Diwali weekend in India is kind of like Easter weekend in Manila. Things are closed, our househelp isn't here, and things are pretty slow. Actually, I'm not sure if everything's closed. Although we have our rented car, Michele isn't supportive of my wish to drive it. Sure, they drive on the wrong side. And the steering wheel's on the right. And it's a stick shift, which I haven't driven in more than 10 years. But there's not much traffic either, right?

Anyway, we're around the house for the weekend, for the most part. (Reminding us of almost every weekend in Lome...) We did go out on Friday, both for the parent-teacher conferences and to the children's park. It was another Sad Third-World Zoo, with random animals escaped from their cages and trying desperately to get back in. We had plans to go to the snake park next door, but Jonathon walked up to us with wet pants to say, "I had to go to the bathroom." A bit late. We made him sit next to us while the rest played, and I made a little poem for him.
"There you be,
All covered in pee,
I still see,
That you are wee!"
He didn't think it was that funny. The kids and Michele did. And I'm sure Jeff will too.

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