Wednesday, October 4, 2006

*yawn* *sigh*

Apologies in advance for such boring updates. It's just I haven't seen much outside the house since Saturday when the girls and I went to Spencer's to pick up some birthday gifts and a kitty scratching post. Ian was sick that day. If Ian wrote, you'd probably hear all about the folks at work still dropping like flies or coming in sick. The newspaper today was filled with articles about health issues, Dengue and Chikungunya (look it up). So my standard update:

Rebecca stayed home from school today. A good thing, her fever came and went and came and went. She looked pretty yucky all day though thankfully did not throw up again. She managed to eat some orange slices and about 1/2 of dinner.

When the bus came home with the kids, Jonathon had fallen asleep. He was burning up, skipped dinner and fell asleep at 6:30.

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