Wednesday, October 4, 2006

*yawn* *sigh* repeat

Rebecca and Nicholas are home today. I think we're battling strep at this point with the very sore throats and the up and down fevers. Rebecca threw up again last night, though as she said "Just a bit." Nicholas says he feels like throwing up, he had a headache yesterday and he skipped dinner because it hurt too much to eat. Katherine is suffering from tummy cramps, most likely from the medicines she's taking, so she's not sleeping well but seems to perk up when she's busy, so I sent her to school today. Jonathon's temperature is normal this morning though he has the sore throat and muscle aches. I sent him to school too. I know that if I'd kept them all home, no one would have rested.

I need everyone moderately healthy for tomorrow. After the Kindergarten meeting, there's a Diwali sale and then the 5th graders have presentations on the novel they've been reading. I'd like to be able to go.

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