Sunday, October 15, 2006

What next? Leprosy?

Ian and I were joking last week that it must be what Nicholas has. Leprosy. In reality of course, it looks like his hands are suffering some major eczema. While the palms of his hands feel like those of a 100 year old man, his fingers are flaking causing him to pick and expose raw, red and painful skin underneath. It's not pretty and I'm currently treating with cortisone cream. But while talking with Jeff a little lightbulb went on in my head and I'm wondering if Nicholas is allergic to the material wrapping his tennis racket grip. I'm searching to see if it's, perhaps, latex. My dad is allergic to latex, and once I figure out what wraps our tennis rackets we'll be a step closer to figuring this out.

In other news, Jonathon is home this morning. He woke up hobbled, apparently by a midnight spider bite on his foot. The two telltale dots and a red, swollen foot means I'll bring him to the clinic just to see what I should do for it (if anything), then it's off to school for him, but no P.E.

Ian and I start our rabies and JapB immunization series this morning. I've already taken a couple motrin to take the edge off. JapB apparently hurts quite a bit.

UPDATE: JapB does not hurt nearly as much as the kids would have me believe. Then again, I think Motrin is a gift from the gods.

Jonathon's foot is still all red and puffy so he's home for the afternoon even though he's running around like nothing's wrong. Actually, he's sitting watching TV between snacking and playing games with me, but he's not upset like he was this morning. I brought him to the clinic and the nurse suggested an antihistemine. I should know by now to go that route since Jonathon reacts pretty violently to even non-yucky things like spider bites. Mosquito bites swell into welts, that sort of thing.

I also brought him back to Lister Lab to have his platelet count rechecked after his Dengue diagnosis. We received the results right then and as far as I can tell, they're perfectly normal. That's a relief.

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