Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Better Time

The washing machine broke this week, and we leave for our trip north on Sunday. The timing is pretty lousy, especially if it doesn't get fixed this week or while we're gone. Bags of stinky clothes will return home with us so I'm thinking I should put aside a set of clean clothes for everyone for the day after, just in case. Perhaps we should just plan to shop a lot while we're gone.

I've mentioned it in passing, but finally we're doing our trip. It's not a real R&R, but after the past year+ with no meaningful change of pace (our move doesn't ccount unless we're just going by stress factors), we're looking forward to a week of sightseeing.
The trip was originally one person's plan for a last big hurrah before she and her family leave post next year. As she told folks around the Consulate, more and more were interested in doing the same or a similar adventure, so she organized more seats and suddenly the group exploded to 30 some people, nearly half are kids. The organizer happened to be our sponsor when we arrived in Chennai, so while still in Togo we asked if we could join. Luckily for us, a family of 5 canceled and we took their spots plus one.
Now the day is upon us. On Sunday we fly up to Delhi (or new Delhi? I can never remember which), pile into a bus with the rest of the group and drive four hours to Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal. The following morning we plan a sunrise viewing of the building that sprung from a love story.
From there we have days spread out among a safari through a tiger preserve in Jaipur, sleeping in tents at the camel festival in Pushkar and the fortress cum hotel in Neemrana. We'll go ride elephants and hopefully ride a camel? The kids really want to ride a camel after watching the latest Amazing Race episodes. Watch out, they spit!

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