Sunday, October 14, 2012

Camera Charger(s) Found


They were still in a suitcase pocket from our move here.  The camera battery lasts a good long while even with very heavy usage, but it doesn't last forever.  

But since I found it too late to get any photos of the kids dressed up for the school Halloween party there is no proof of our football player, angry bird, and couple of frightening homemade monster type girls.  Halloween isn't my thing but the kids clearly enjoy it.

Nor do I have proof of the girls volunteering at the hot dog stand at the Diplomatic Bazaar yesterday.  We had samosas from the Indian food booth.  The chutney was awesome.  No jerseys from the Russian or Canadians booths.  Bummer.

The only other purchase, aside from food including Nanaimo Bars, was a mug from the Canada booth. Very cool.

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