Sunday, October 28, 2012


What an impressive site for Jordan.  It's described as Rome Away From Rome and less than an hour from our home in Amman.  Even cooler, it's where the ACS graduation ceremony is traditionally held.

One of the attractions is a gladiator and chariot show in the hippodrome.  We'd scheduled our arrival for the afternoon show, only to discover that it wasn't being held.  And hasn't been held for several months.  Bummer for the 6 kids in our party, and all the adults too.  But that's not to say there wasn't a chariot experience to be had.

Rebecca and Jonathon

Katherine and Nicholas

Ian and Hamsa
What remains of the city is small in retrospect, but vast enough to take an afternoon of walking.  We didn't hire a guide but relied on a Jordan guidebook and general knowledge of ancient Roman city design to figure out what we were looking at.  Really though, the greatest attraction for Jerash, and greatest detraction to historical preservation, is the ability to climb all over the city.  The archaeology experts must have conniptions when it comes to Jerash.  The dig is a bit of a mess, really.  Carved stones are piled everywhere, sometimes in orderly rows. Columns are stacked haphazardly, many with portions upside down and sideways. Stones in the museum are free to be touched.  I think one of the kids jostled Zeus' lightning bolt.

Overlooking the circus.

The amphitheater.  Where the graduates walk across the stage.

We were so parched and had planned so badly that aside from me with sunglasses none of us wore hats, or had water, or were prepared at all for hiking up and down hills and rocks for several hours.  At the Temple of Artemis our wishes were answered.  A water vendor.

Many of the carvings were in Greek.  The Romans stole everything from the Greeks.

At the end of the day we were all still smiling, so even though we were dusty and thirsty and hot and tired, it was worth it.  We'll be back for graduation in the spring, and probably a few more times if there are visitors or CLO trips or newcomers to post.

On our way we passed the turn off to Ajloun and Ajloun Castle. Wildlife and trees are what we hear about Ajloun. Trees are a big deal in Jordan.  We passed the exit for the Scandinavian Forest.  I'm guessing that one is filled with Christmas trees and reindeer.  We haven't been to Aqaba or any of the wadis (valleys). We haven't gone camping or ridden along the sand dunes. There are ancient castles from all through history scattered around the countryside.

These are our tasks for the coming year.

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  1. Jerash is just WAY COOL! We loved it too - didn't realize that is where the graduation ceremony is held -- AWESOME!!