Friday, October 26, 2012

Welcome Zaytoun.

I fully blame the person we went to dinner with tonight.

We'd been meaning to get together for dinner with a family here since we arrived.  The chosen restaurant, Reem Al Bawadi, is a fun place with a large outdoor eating area and just as large indoor eating area.  The food is all served for the group and it's typical middle eastern fare.

But we didn't know where it was, so they showed up at our door and we'd caravan over, with Donna in our car giving directions and Ian in theirs.  While shifting people around, her husband (who was supposed to just walk around the van to the driver's seat)... didn't.  Instead he walked towards our house, and returned to our car with a kitten in hand.  

That girl up there.

He plopped the filthy meowing bundle of fur in Donna's lap and the car erupted with "Can we keep it!"

We were on our way out, and I wan't about to do kitten duty just yet.  So we made the next best decision.  The kids put it in the glass enclosed entry way.  And we went to dinner.

Two hours later we checked out what this purring mess was all about.  Chunks of her fur have been cut off, most of her whiskers are snipped short.  There are areas that feel like there is either a skin issue or perhaps just clumps of dirt stuck to the skin.  Her ears are typically dirty.  But she purrs like there's no tomorrow.  When Rebecca walked into the glass entry she came right out and started up the rumbling machine.  This one seems to know people and isn't starving.  No idea what happened to her, why she was treated badly, but she's had a little towel bath and a good drying rub and a bowl of kitten milk.  Tonight she'll spend the night inside a carrier with a fuzzy blanket and a bowl of kitten milk. Tomorrow she'll visit the vet.

Our family just grew.  Again.


  1. What a cutie - those eyes! Good for you for taking her in. Though since Donna's husband found her...

    1. Hahahaha no! I was actually thinking Donna should have the privilege of adopting her. But now that you mention it...

  2. The purr and that little face - how could you resist! Besides, you were ambushed that she was dropped in Donna's lap but surrounded by your children in your car. Very clever. And totally cute! Congratulations on your newest family member!

  3. Well, next time we go out I promise not to bring my stray-finding husband. Hey, do you want a giant schnauzer? I have a cute one over here.

  4. Zaytoun is a lucky little feline :)