Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kitten Craze...

Because who doesn't love kitten photos? OK, lots of people don't.  But that's the beauty of having my own personal blog.

Shawarma can sleep any way, and in any possible position.

Falafel sleeps very silly too, but since she's a little lady she tends to curl up more often.

Helping out with homework.

Who doesn't love a kitten in a basket?  A patriotic kitty at that.

It looks like she has no eyes, but she does have one.  And dark jelly bean toes.

And she's still as tiny as can be.

More toes.

Tussling.  It's what they do 90% of the time they are actually awake.. which is only about 50% of the day.

 They are just as doofy as they look.  And they are so much fun.

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  1. They are so cute! We have a feral cat here that similar coloring as Falafel. It's a darker black, but has the orange and white shades too. I always think of Falafel when I see 'ours'. I love kitty photos and adventures, so keep sharing :) I love the shoulder sleeping pics... and kitty toes are irresistible, aren't they?