Thursday, October 4, 2012


From the ACS guidelines:

HIGH  SCHOOL SERVICE GUIDELINES- No family member can be the recipients of your community service.
- Playing a musical instrument or playing on an athletic team will not count as service UNLESS it is a game/concert for charity or you are working with underprivileged kids in music or athletics.
- No credit will be given if the hours are not registered online.
- You can perform community service within the school such as tutoring, teacher/secretary/library assistant, recycling, helping the PTG, helping at school-sponsored events or leading an activity for students.

HIGH SCHOOL SERVICE GUIDELINES - Students cannot receive any payment for their service (money or gifts).

Ten hours is nothing.  For Confirmation they had to do 20 hours, and plenty of programs require a whole lot more. Katherine earned her 100 hour pin after a year of volunteering at our Virginia hospital emergency room and in its gift shop.  And I get the strong impression that 10 hours is merely a kicking off point here in Amman.  Last year the high school offered up more than 4000 hours.  Rebecca's class has 40 kids.  The entire high school is less than 200.

Rebecca started by helping out the boy scouts with a rescue swim program.  Today I signed up both girls to sell hot dogs at the Diplomatic Bazaar.  We've encouraged Katherine to start up a weekly woodwinds after school clinic.

This volunteering thing is fun.

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