Sunday, October 21, 2012


Last night was enchiladas for dinner.  We went to the awesome bakery in Sweifiah and one of our purchases were the huge round and seemingly paper thing Arabic bread.  Cutting one piece in half to create two large enchiladas worked perfectly.

We had leftover baked chicken, so I set Jonathon to shredding it into a large pan.

Add in a can of corn.  Or slice some off fresh cobs.

Add in a can of black beans (we didn't this time because I couldn't find any at the store).

Add in a small jar of garlic tomato sauce.

Mix together and heat up.

Cook up a cup of wild rice mixed with white rice.

Open a can of refried beans.

Make a package of enchilada sauce (larger quantity and cheaper than a can)

Shred some cheddar cheese.

Chop up tomatoes.

Shred some lettuce.

Pull out a jar of salsa.  Or make your own.

Get sour cream.  Or in our case, plain yogurt.

Spray oil into 9x13 dish to keep bread from sticking.

Open up the flat bread.

Rub some refried beans in a swipe about 1/3 of the way into the bread.

Spread out some rice on the beans.

Spread out some chicken mix on the rice.

Sprinkle on some cheese.

Fold up one end of bread, roll up short side to cover mixture, fold other side, roll up into rest of the bread.

Place into dish.

Line up more enchiladas until dish is full.

Pour enchilada sauce over top of each enchilada.

Bake in oven on high (sorry, my oven doesn't really have temperature settings) for 15 minutes.

Pour a swipe of enchilada sauce onto plate.

Place enchilada on enchilada sauce.

Sprinkle on cheese.

Add toppings: yogurt, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.


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