Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The ACS Spooktacular was weeks ago, but the Embassy Halloween party was reserved for October 31st.

The boys waited in line for trick-or-treating.  The line was as long in back as it was in front, and just kept growing until the doors opened and we began with a trip through the happy Halloween side in the South Chancery.  Various sections in the Embassy decorated parts of hallways, to treat the kids and participate in the decoration competition.  My favorite was a trip through Candyland with Gloppy (you know, the guy in the molasses swamp) greeting all the kids.

And the boys said we were going through the scary side in the North Chancery.

I don't know if you know this about me, but I don't do Halloween.  I certainly don't do scary Halloween.  And the boys made me go with them through the scary Halloween halls.  Through the hanging heads.  Through the Haunted Hospital.  Through the Marine trauma unit.  Through the people grabbing at our feet, and the hands grabbing through dark holes, and the severed limbs lying on tables and dead people coming back to life.  It was awful.

And the worst part. The thing that made many many kids cry.  Being slowly and zombiely chased by this thing here ----

Thankfully I didn't see Katherine in the dark misery of scary Halloween goriness (did I get enough Halloween adjectives in there?).

Yeah.  Small favors.  I'm still going to have bad dreams of that thing up there.  

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