Sunday, May 30, 2004

Friday, and more party.

Party time again, only this time in Katherine's class.

Actually it was more than just party time in the 2nd grade. First thing in the morning, we missed the musical show in the Little Theater, but I heard Katherine played the xylophone.
Because it was the last day of preschool I didn't want to have them miss the day or arrive late, otherwise they would have skipped and attended all of Katherine's functions with us. But it was the last day so we dropped them off with gifts for their teachers, bought some doughnut holes for Katherine's party and then made it to school after the music portion but before the Powerpoint presentations in the computer room.
I have never made anything with Powerpoint. Katherine knows how to make slides with images that bounce around and make noise. I can feel myself slipping behind technologically even faster than I already was. It's not that I can't, just that I've never done it. After seeing Katherine's projects on her home country (What you shouldn't miss when you visit? Why, Giant grocery store of course! Oh and the monuments in Washington too), bugs, Dr. Seuss and simple machines, we all gathered to watch a Powerpoint presentation Mrs. Bayly put together as a review of the year. I cried through a good bit of it. It was a mix of how happy I was that my kids get to do and experience and learn so much, how fabulous Mrs. Bayly was as teacher and how much we'll miss her (she's going to be an ECLC teacher next year), how uncertain I am about next year, and watching my girl grow up in pictures in 10 minutes or less.
Back to the classroom and the final presentation of the day, the Anansi spider play. Several of the kids were jungle animals, one was Anansi (Wendell), a couple were rocks, a bunch were narrators and Katherine played the role of the little deer.
Anansi is a trickster who discovers a rock in the jungle. When he says "My, what an odd moss-covered rock!" he falls to the ground asleep for an hour. Anansi decides to use this knowledge by finding the animals in the jungle who have lots of food collected, show them the rock, have them comment on the odd moss-covered rock and fall asleep, then Anansi would steal their food. The little deer watches from behind some leaves and figures out a way to get Anansi back. She collects a bunch of food to lure him in and he takes her to the rock. Anansi points and says "Look at that!" Katherine answered "What? I don't see anything" which of course irritates Anansi to the point of him yelling about the moss-covered rock at her feet. He promptly falls to the ground and the the little deer returns all the food he stole.
My video tape just made it to the end of the play, thank goodness! They all did a great job, it seems none of the kids are allowed to hide even if they are shy.
More pizza! No more pizza please. It was noon and time to head out for the boys and take some photos of the last day of preschool. It'll be nice to have them home again for a while before our trip.
The girls arrived home at their normal time with Ian following shortly thereafter. And then, the real fun began. That's in the next post.

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