Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The last few weeks of school....

This morning I was at ISM for the 2nd grade Japanese Children's Day (May 5th) celebration.

There was a power point presentation and then a puppet show about Momotaro. About a boy (and his name means Peach Boy because in the legend he was born out of a giant peach that an old woman found floating in a rive), who goes off to Monster Island with his dog, monkey and pheasant and fights them until they return everything they've stolen. It was an excellent show. Here's the Legend if you're curious.
Then the kids broke into groups and moved back to the classrooms where they had one room with Japanese snacks, another for origami, another for games, another for stories and another for music and dancing. The kids would rotate through for the rest of the time before lunch.
This afternoon Katherine has her final CCD class before her First Communion. The rehearsal in on Saturday and next Sunday is the big day. My mom flies in on the 22nd and will stay with us until the 25th of June. She's coming on our R&R trip with us. Rebecca has (I think) her final Daisy meeting today as well. Then tomorrow I have to get my act together and get Katherine to the doctor for her 3rd grade physical so I can re-enroll both girls on Friday. Friday is also p/t conference with the preschool teacher.
In other news, with all the rain over the weekend... I can breathe. Wow. I'd forgotten was it was like for my sinuses not to be so closed up that every breathe was an effort. I know it won't last, but boy am I enjoying it.

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