Friday, May 7, 2004

So, did I tell you my dream from the other day?

I had a dream and it wasn't pretty.

In my dream, I was reading a letter from Main State. The letter stated that when assignments were decided there had been an error. The wrong algorithm had been used to determine where we were headed. Instead of Lome', we were actually being sent to Chengdu, India.
First off, I know that Chengdu is located in China and not in India. This is my dream, cut me some slack.
Now, Chengdu nor India was on our actual list, but was ranked #9 on my dream list. We were dumbstruck and confused. I can't say we were furious, it was more the feeling "They did it to us again!" The top set on the dream list was all Africa, just like reality. But it had been skipped over. Why? We couldn't understand. Then more confusion set in as we saw the dated stamped on the letter - April 1st. For one thing, it was dated before our assignment to Lome' had been given to us. That made no sense. And then it was April Fools Day. Was it just a big joke? I didn't know.
And I never found out. I woke up despondant that once again we'd been ignored until I realized that I had indeed woken up.
If you live a life guided by the State Department you'll understand. It was no dream. It was a nightmare.

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