Friday, May 7, 2004

Some cool news.

Our buddies, Ryan and Laura, are going to be parents come November. She had an ultrasound yesterday and showed me the images today. So amazing. Even though I'd had four kids of my own, this process is exciting for me. I've never been able to watch a friend develop through a pregnancy.

She'll be MEDEVAC (is that right?) out in October to have her baby in San Francisco, then will return in January. It'll be nice to get to see the munchkin for a couple of months before we head back to D.C.

I really enjoy talking with Laura. She's a fun person to hang out with and today we spent several hours chatting about a variety of subjects. Nice to keep the brain from getting too mushy, but she has a huge heart as well. She even invited me and the kids to stay with them over the weekend while Ian was gone. Sometimes I wish we lived on the Seafront compound as it seems like all the excitement and people there. But then I remember all the pros to where we are now.

And I realize it's going to be like this every single place we go.

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