Sunday, May 30, 2004

Then it was Thursday...

Thursday, we toned down the day. After dropping off the kids, mom and I went to the mall to wander and just enjoy some time together.

After popping into a store here and there, we ended up at Landmark which is usually a mistake, both for the sheer availability of everything (I want that, and that, and that) and the fact that it is always over crowded. In the end it was worth a visit because we found lunch boxes for the boys and a new backpack set for Katherine, along with the elusive pair of jeans for Rebecca, and the all-important end-of-year teacher gifts. There is a balikbayan (tourist trappings) section in Landmark where I discovered a wooden set of apple shaped bowls. On our way out of the mall we stopped in the Lush store and in the bowls we would wrap up a pot of Helping Hands cream and Therapy massage bars. Do you think the teachers will get it? I thought it was all very fitting.
Lunch was a Bento box from a small Japanese place in the mall. Mom wasn't too used to chopsticks but picked it up quickly and aside from the sashimi we weren't brave enough to eat, it was all very good. OK, I admit I didn't drink down the tofu cubes in the miso soup. Tofu still hasn't found a place in my daily menu, but it's getting there slowly.
The afternoon was quiet. The boys napped, the girls came home and watched a movie and we spent the rest of the day doing more of nothing. Perfect.

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