Thursday, May 20, 2004

Only Adults can say that.

Quick question about something I've been wondering about.

Why are curse/cuss/dirty/off-color words considered adult words?

What makes them acceptible words for adults to use but not children? What is it about them that makes them grown-up? They are only words after all. We give them the power they hold. Specific terms have been deemed unacceptible for polite company even as the terms change through the decades. If there are phrases we censor our kids from using, why use them at all? Does choosing off-color verbiage set an audible line between childhood and adulthood?

Is there a thrill? Is there joy in using them? What advantage is there to using them? Do other adults give you more respect when the dirt spouts out? Does it make adults feel better? And if the answer is yes... why? Words have the power we give them, why choose ones that color black marks across our thoughts?

What is the attraction?

But really, my question is, what makes them Adult? What makes them Mature?

If I start cursing regularly, does that prove I'm more of a grown-up?

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