Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well sure, if we all got paid...

After my post about the election and voting statistics, Laura pointed out that if American candidates paid every voter anywhere between $10-$100 (the folks here were paid between $1-$10, but that wouldn't fly in the U.S.) that we'd have great turnout on the second Tuesday in November.

She has a point.

If you're a regular non-voter, would receiving cash in the mail encourage you to cast your ballot? Would you head to the polls with your Sample Ballot in hand ready to give the paying candidate your vote? Would you say "Thanks for the cash and the reminder" and then vote for someone else? Would you pocket the cash and forget anyway? Would you rail against the ridiculous waste of sending money to every constiuent and then head to work?

Obviously, paying for votes from the common man (ah, you caught the distinction, huh?) won't be happening in the States.

I'd like to think we regard our voting democratic process as something almost sacred.

We should.

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