Sunday, May 9, 2004

Harry Potter strikes again.

Or should I say, Daniel Radcliffe?

The kids watched Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets, split between yesterday and today. It's not the first time, and certainly not the last. But today Katherine discovered the deleted scenes, interviews and the bloopers sections. She was laughing herself silly, and asked me about the upcoming Prisoner of Azkaban.
The third movie is arriving this summer (or have you been living under a rock?). We'll be in New Zealand for its local release on the 10th of June and it looks like Christchurch will be a good spot to see it. It's a tradition for Ian to take the girls to the theater, and this will be no exception.
Katherine is jittery with excitement. The trailer looks amazing but it's also very clear that it is not fare for the boys, so I guess we'll be off shopping or seeing some sights in the meantime. I don't mind, I think the dementors might scare the pants off me as well on the big screen.
Discovering the New Zealand release date was actually a bonus during our on-line search. Can you guess what we were looking for? I'll clue you in. Katherine is 8 years old. Enough said. While watching the Prisoner of Azkaban trailer she noticed how much the main characters have grown up. She has a crush and we were on-line searching for a snailmail address for fan mail.
That's right. Today I was entrusted with a sealed letter to Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter star, filled with tidbits about how Katherine thinks he's a great actor and asking if they could become friends. Or at least penpals. All written on her Harry Potter stationery and safely tucked in her Harry Potter envelopes. With Harry Potter stickers. I wonder if she wrote with her Harry Potter pen.
Hey, as a 29 year old mother, I think the cast is pretty darn cute, I love the books and enjoy watching the movies. I'm not about to ruin her good mood and high hopes. She has such a twinkle in her eye when she talks about him.
And who knows. He just might write back.

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