Tuesday, August 5, 2003

I really don't want to see more of the Clinic

Monday morning we had our TB tests done. Monday night Rebecca came down with an ear infection that kept her awake a good part of the night, crying, tossing and moaning. So back to the clinic we trekked Tuesday morning and with an ear infection, a fever at the time of 102.8 and one side of her neck completely swollen (the nurse commented about Mumps, but let's not go there) she's on amoxicillin for 10 days and motrin as needed. The poor kid was shivering in the outdoor heat. As we were walking out the door, the nurse glanced at the TB test on my arm and I had a small red patch. She said there was a chance it would go away before the allotted reading time. Today, I took a look at all of ours. Ian, Jonathon and Nicholas are in the clear with little bruises where the shots were. Katherine and I are not so lucky. We both have swollen, sore, hot, red patches about the size of dimes. If my reading is correct, we'll have chest x-rays and be on a course of medication. Chances are good this is an exposure reaction and not the actual illness. Of course, all morning I've had trouble breathing, and have since the house was disease ridden with strep and whatever I had. So, either this TB test is telling me something, or I'm completely psychosymptomatic. Well, we'll find out tomorrow when we go, yet again, to the clinic. Rebecca will get her ears checked, and we'll all have our TB tests read.

If you have an extra prayer laying (lying?) around, send it on this way.

I've also asked our housekeeper to get her medical check updated.

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