Saturday, August 9, 2003

Kindergarten (er... ECLC), here we come!

Friday, Rebecca and I hopped over to ISM to finish off getting her prepared for school.

Months ago, I'd been told that there was a New Student Orientation to go to, but discovered when we arrived 20 minutes late, that it was for grades 1-5 and not ECLC. Oh well, we had other stuff to do also, so this eased the morning rush a bit. Figured we'd check on the ID cards (not ready yet), and then stop by her classroom and meet her teacher. Ms. Cater knows Katherine, she taught a different first grade last year, but this year has been switched to ECLC. While Rebecca poked around the classroom a bit (they have a dress-up corner that she migrated to), Ms. Cater and I talked a bit about where we were from. Wouldn't you know, she's a '94 Master's grad from Marymount. She mentioned that I looked familiar but acknowledged that she hadn't been on campus much.
So who can believe that Rebecca is starting school? She was so ready last year, and now that she begins in 2 days, she's beyond excited to ride the bus and be a big kid. She'll be one of the older kids in her class, turning 6 in December. The first 2 weeks will be short days with school ending at noon and I still don't know if I need to pack her a snack or 2, or give her lunch during this time. We'll figure it all out and the first day I'll pack enough food for an army.
The next big step will be losing a tooth. She insists they are wiggling.
Anyhow, this will leave me home with the boys, and Nicholas will get to be the big cheese at home for a while. We have the option of putting him into preschool at AmeriKids for $120/mo (9-1:30 M-F), but I'm really looking forward to having him with me. Just 2 kids at home, how will we spend our days!?

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